What Makes You think it is Time for a Relationship on Passfeed?

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You know how it is when it comes to healing wounds before getting to some new relationship. There is no doubt that it can be quite hard for some people who are always looking for a great way to start a new relationship when you are not healing at all. The wounds of a breakup can make you rethink about starting any new relationship anytime soon. You of course need closure on the previous relationship before starting a new one. Passfeed is a great place where you can find people interacting with each other and looking for ways to start a new relationship too.

How will you know that it is time to start anew relationship with someone new on Passfeed?

You are now liking flirts from guys again

It is common that when a lady breaks up with a guy, the common logical thing to do is not talk to guys for a while. Sometimes even when a guy flirts with you, you will feel like that he should just shut up. All this is because of the resentment that you have against the men for a while. At some point, you will start to feel better if guys on Passfeed hit on you. The more flirts a girl gets it sends the message that she is attractive to these guys.

You feel the connection with a new guy

The moment you start to feel that there is a connection with someone new, then there is a chance that you are ready to give someone new a chance to interact with you. Passfeed has so many people who might be able to charm you into changing your mind about relationships. You are likely to start a new relationship as soon as you join the app.

You are tired with hookups

Yes Passfeed is a great app for college dating but still it is awesome for people who are looking for hookups. With hookups, you are just looking to have fun without any feelings. You should be in a position to know if hooking up is what you really want. Some people in order to get over their exes, they would decide to engage in hookups. You should not do that as sometimes it can lead to more damage than any good. You should be in a position to know if that is what you really want at the moment. If you start feeling that you are actually tired of hookups, it is likely that you are ready for something serious.

You know your past mistakes

Sometimes it is always easy to come up with mistakes that made you break up in the past relationships. You have to think about what makes it a great relationship by now. If you were the type of girl who was always keeping it to herself instead of communicating, it is about time that you changed that. Without changing some of these things, you are likely to take the same issues to your new relationship.


Not all people are always ready for a new relationship after a breakup. Get to learn more about the fun involved in dating on Passfeed and hot it can get you ready for a new relationship.