Joe Green – Arizona State University

This century has seen the rise of hookup apps and sites more than before. There was a time I was also skeptical about the hookup apps and sites. That was before getting to know and use a couple of them. The time people were skeptical about online hookups is because most people were having some issues when the guys presented themselves in real life. If it was me also, keeping on having bad encounters with people from such online platforms will also make me a bit scared. When I was introduced to Passfeed, I felt that this was something different. The app was different in its approach for hookups in a better way than what I had seen before. I could give you confidence that there was something more that you will be getting apart from the usual weird hookups.

I was first confused in choosing which app to use for hookups since they were many. All this was before the knowledge about Passfeed. I took up the challenge to check out a number of them before settling on one. Sometimes asking real people using the app is the only sure way of understanding how it works. Some of my friends were using the app and it seemed to work for them. I also decided why not use it. I got a chance to swipe through several Passfeed profiles just to see what it had to offer. Most of the time, there were so many fly girls I could even have trouble which to choose. Being a college student that I was, I sent out several pass requests to anyone who was a girl. I did not want to care whether she was a college student or already a working class. I would not mind having some great time with some hot working class ladies.

Technology is something that will always change with time. You can expect that what was trending in the 90s is no longer trending today. Today, most people do not want to feel the pressure of dating first before hooking up. Back then it was seen as if it was a sin to hookup when you are not dating. I must agree that not all people are into hooking up. If you feel that hookup is your thing, then staying in a relationship will just end up in heartbreaks. Forget about all that and join the Passfeed club where all people know what is expected in a hookup. These days people starting with hooking up, then dating.

Personally, I have embraced the new technology and I think it is something that you should too. You will be amazed by just how people are connecting more these days. The Passfeed profiles share most of the basic information that you need to know about a person. With such information, it is so easy to initiate a conversation based on what you both like. There is no point of holding back in a relationship when you are really interested in hookups.