The longest highway tunnel in China’s high altitude areas opens to traffic

Photos show the tunnel of Liupan Mountain, northwest ‪#‎China‬‘s‪#‎Ningxia‬ Hui Autonomous region, July 3, 2016. As the longest highway tunnel in China’s high altitude areas, the 9,485-meter Liupan Mountain Tunnel was opened to traffic Sunday, marking the completion of the Ningxia section of Qingdao-Lanzhou Highway.
The underwater-like painting helps the drivers fight fatigue and depression while driving.

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‪#‎BREAKING‬: Man’s leg ‘is blown off’ by explosion in Central Park near funeral of Holocaust survivor, author and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel

A man has been critically injured following an explosion in ‪#‎CentralPark‬,‪#‎NewYork‬ City.
Reports suggest the victim suffered an injury to his leg and was being treated at the scene in New York’s historic landmark.
The blast was close to where the funeral for Holocaust survivor and Nobel winner Eli Wiesel was taking place on Sunday morning.
Reason is yet unknown.(Mail Online)

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For those who dare a burn in the mouth! Tourists immersed in pots of pickled peppers during pepper-eating competition

A pepper-eating competition was held on July 2, 2016, in Lijiang, south‪#‎China‬‘s ‪#‎Yunan‬ province. Many tourists participated in the event.
As if throwing one pickled pepper after another into the mouth not challenging enough, all the contestants had to half immerse themselves into the huge pots in which the pickled peppers are made.
A tourist from southwest China’s Sichuan won the game by devouring 47 peppers in mere TWO minutes! Sichuan province is known in China for hot food and pepper-lovers. The champion’s prize was a pepper made of pure gold.

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