Allen Amos – Johns Hopkins University

Sometimes I get to think about such awards. I am sure that there is no such award, but if it existed, then Passfeed should get the award for being the best hookup app. A simple Google search will show that the app has recently some great reviews on its performance and capability to connect more people. I say this because I have been using the app for a while now. I can testify that it has helped me to connect with more people than before. Most of the time, college hookups were all based on the campus ladies. With Passfeed, I can get to hookup with different ladies from around the city. The trick is tweak the settings to make the app to show the connections available in your area.

If you are always into hookups, the hookup apps such as Passfeed should not miss in your phone. I downloaded the app as soon as it became a hit. Whenever something is a hit, it would be a great talk among the college students. Sometimes being a college student, all you do is check out what is trending online. That is when I came across an article, which was a success story about Passfeed. If you are looking to have some fun times, ensure that you check out Passfeed. The next thing that followed was to download and install the app. Since then, I can say that I have connected with more people other than my fellow students in college. Today can be that day too for you, there are so many hot girls on Passfeed that are looking for some great time offline. The same thing applies for those just looking for friends to share moments with.

Passfeed is for both the guys and ladies. I have introduced some of female friends to check out the app. Sometimes they come back to me that they had hooked up or are now dating some great guys from the app. If you are doing something positive in your friends’ lives, they will always appreciate your input. For now, I am happy to see most of my friends getting all the fun that Passfeed can possibly offer all thanks to my introduction. The Passfeed is here to promote the college hookup culture that most college students would always want. If you have always wanted to have a fun college time, consider using Passfeed to make some memorable moments even if it is not for hooking up.

I would still hope for the introduction of the best hookup awards so that I can vote for Passfeed. I personally think that the range and standards set by Passfeed are not going to be broken by any app soon. The app developers simply listen to what the users have to say before implementing anything. All your complaints about the app performance are always corrected. You can expect that each time you use the app it will have enhanced performance than before. Let us now share some great Passfeed stories and make more people love the app.

Heard the phrase, ‘the world is a small place’? Well, social media has made it even smaller and the six degrees of separation have been reduced to just two or even one, courtesy social networking. Forget about people to people interaction, it’s even impacted the way businesses connect with their customers. Social media marketing has allowed businesses to take their products and services directly to their customers. Today, a business is not an amorphous entity for customers; social media has made them a living breathing thing that can personally interact with its target audience.

The growth of social media has also led to the emergence of local social networks that enable businesses to target audiences in a specific geo location. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small business, local business or an enterprise organization with a global footprint. It makes perfect business sense to target local markets because people are increasingly looking for local businesses to satisfy their varied needs and requirements. You will be missing out a huge opportunity if you don’t tap into the potential of these local social networks for business benefits.