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Guys always need to know about the signs if a girl is enjoying herself before making a move on her. Think about all the time you have been spending chatting on Passfeed, now it is time to meet and have a great time too. You should consider checking out a number of signs to be sure about making the right move on her. So how you know about the correct signs and which move to take? Some guys are always waiting on the hair flicks and all sorts of body language that a girl might show she is really enjoying herself on any date.

She is not eating

Do not get the message all wrong, just because she is not eating, it does not mean she is not into the food. The whole idea is that she is so engrossed in listening to what you have to say. You have to be extremely good to make her forget about her food. You need to keep on reminding her about eating, even though you know she will not be eating because of your flirting. That is one important sign that any man would want to see in a Passfeed date. You will always know that she is into what you are saying. Of course, it is a good sign that a woman is into you more than she is into her food.

Of course, you will have to keep up with stories and flirting too. She will be expecting that the next time you meet for a date, it will still be the same thing. Make sure you can keep the flirting coming too strong to keep her entertained all the time. You would not want her to think it was just a one-time fun thing.

She talks about connecting on another new level

She will clearly be expressing herself as not ever connecting with a guy on such a level. This shows that you have made her feel like there is a great connection between you two. This is all about talking about things in a deep way that makes her feel that you are well read and cultured. That will of course create an amazing connection for you two. She will of course, ask you some questions expecting some great answers. Take the time to talk about the subject in details and you will see her trying to grasp every word about the topic.

Her eye contact is intense

If she is enjoying the whole date experience, she will try to maintain an eye contact as much as possible. She will rarely look away any time soon. She will be gazing into your eyes at all times. She might even get lost in your eyes without blinking. Just make sure that you do the same. She is looking for a way to feel more attracted to you. You will notice that her eye contact is nothing like you have ever felt before.


It is easy to tell if your date is enjoying your time together for the first time on Passfeed. Check out these important tips on how to identify she is into you.